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Del Mar Branding Session | Kelly Higdon

November 30, 2018

So as business owners, today, social media is essential to the growth of your business. The percentage of being hired goes up significantly when you have professional headshots, lifestyle shots of you doing things relevant to your work as well as a pleasing aesthetic with the parts of your business that makes you, you. That makes you relatable. That isn’t just you looking at the camera. That isn’t just you in a jacket. Sure there is a place for those professional look-at-the-camera, dressed up shots, which we get, but the remainder are with you wearing an outfit that’s more what you would wear on the day to day in your business. You’re process is being captured. Favorite mugs that give you inspiration. Journals with words of affirmation. Your work sheets. You drinking coffee or wine. What makes you down to earth, human. 🙂 This gives you weeks and then some of content for marketing your business! Have you noticed that you get more interaction when you’re posting an image of yourself?! People want to SEE you. Not just what you do. So schedule that lifestyle branding session, and set yourself up for more success! I LOVED working with Kelly. Her personality was SHIning through, and the Flower Hill Promenade was perfect for her business! You’ll have to check her out!

Guys! A Lifestyle Branding Session is 20% off right now, until December 7! It’s to be booked in 2019, until September! All you need to do is pay the retainer with contract to secure your promo! Comment or Email me with your interest!

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