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5 Reasons Why The Rain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Wedding Day | Rainy Day Weddings

March 10, 2019

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Ok Ok, first breathe with me, Inhale, Exhale…It’s going to be OK! You’re going to be ok, and your day will be JUST as magical if not more-so than it would have been if the sun was shining. No, I’m never wishing for rain on your wedding day, BUT I do think a little education goes a long way, especially since San Diego has had SOOO many rainy days lately. I’m wanting to give you a few reasons and explanations why rain can be a gift rather than dampen your otherwise perfect wedding plans.

  1. You’ll never see so many vendors or family or friends encourage and love on you as hard, as when there is rain expected on your day. It’s quite incredible to watch everyone come together, changing things up but still keeping spirits high and doing everything possible to make the day just as amazing if not better. I’ve seen it time and time again. Everyone goes above and beyond. Everyone has one goal. Keep the Bride and Groom calm and happy, and they do end up being just that, accepting that this is not in their control and the day ends up being the best day in their lives.
  2. There’s almost always a backup option, and if a venue doesn’t have one you may want to re-consider the space. The venue and the coordinators HAVE you. They have you. They make it their goal to make sure all your wishes come to life, regardless if that’s under a big white tent, a big clear tent, or outdoor on a sunny day, this does not have to be your worry. {You will worry about it, but I thought I’d just remind you that you shouldn’t have to!}
  3. There are always other options and ways to get your captures on your Wedding Day. Buy some Hunter Rain Boots & have Clear Umbrellas to maximize the cuteness, documenting your day as it is, if you’re able to fully embrace it, channel your inner Elsa and let go. This right here. Giving in, accepting cold, rain and wind and still going for it with your formals will produce the best results. This is where it benefits you to hire a Photographer with a second shooter. If that rain isn’t budging in the forcast, Amazon is your friend…get some cute rain boots, a shall or leather jacket, and clear umbrellas and have FUN with it. If the rain breaks and you don’t need to use it you can just return, simple as that!
  4. Try to see if your hair stylist and MUA can stay until just prior the Ceremony. If you’re having a first look and you’re wanting to get captures outside in the storm, and are afraid your hair and Makeup will get messed up, see if your people can stay just an hour and a half more. You may have to pay for this, of course, but it could be the best for calming your nerves and still getting great captures. Then you can have that last minute touch up prior the ceremony!
  5. Try to laugh about it, realize the base of your dress will get a little dirty on the bottom and don’t be afraid to “dance in the rain”! After months of tireless planning and organizing of COURSE it would rain on your day, right?! Good ole Murphy’s law! Well, the weather is nobody’s fault. It just isn’t. It’s a total bummer yes, but the best you can do is laugh about it and enjoy that week before your wedding with the ones you love who’ve come to visit. You have to know rain or shine and even mostly in the hotel room, you’ll get dust and a little dirt on the bottom of your dress, it’s unavoidable. So go into your wedding dress purchase with the knowledge that it’s meant to be worn for walking, dancing till the sun goes down, and twirling until your person needs to catch you! A little rain on the bottom won’t do it any more harm, especially if you’re holding your train.

So here are just a few tidbits from me after capturing several weddings in the rain. I HOPe it’s helpful and I hope you don’t have to utilize this information, but in case you do, throw your hands up in the air, stick your tongue out and dance in the rain with your forever love. Thank you friends for reading and feel free to share this with your friends who are Engaged!

Love and Light,



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