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San Dieguito Park Wedding | Del Mar Wedding

April 9, 2019

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  • How They Met:

THIS wedding…legit was impossible to choose 70 or less so I just went with more! These two love birds met among the neighborhood hangs. Garrett’s heart was Ashli’s since a very young age. They started dating at the end of High School and long distance with College, broke them up. Ashli had a trip near Garrett’s home, and they just knew they were each-other’s people.

  • Who They Are:

Their energy, attitudes and humor, it’s clearly a relationship that was friendship first and you can sense the history! They have such a light energy, one of comfort and familiarity. Humor is of such importance, and laughter is constant, who doesn’t desire this in marriage? What I think is the winner in this combination is kindness. Over time, this is something that can be forgotten and under appreciated. Garrett and Ashli are good, and kind, and respectful to one-another. I sincerely believe their connection is pure and long-lasting.

  • The Experience:

I can’t believe I had the honor to meet such humans. My first connection with Ashli was over Face-Time and I felt as though we could talk for hours. We almost did, I’m pretty sure! Our engagement session was a blast, confirming my belief that they are in fact, my dream clients! Ohh and their day. Their loved ones were just as amazing. Their details were stunning and soo much green with hints of Fall. The ceremony despite being a tad behind schedule at the San Dieguito Park, was emotional and real. The toasts were heart-felt and words to remember. And the dancing is a memory to last a lifetime, with the amount of JOY exploding out from the back patio of the darling Del Mar Home.

  • Are you Engaged?! Let’s have “Coffee”! 

So here are just a few of my favorite moments from this outstanding day! Are you looking for a wedding photographer? Do you know someone who is? Please let me know if you’d like to Face Time, or schedule a coffee date, coffee on me! I’d love to see if we are each-other’s dreamies! I’m more than just a transaction. Your story, your relationships matter to me! I hope you enjoy! Please drop a comment of your favorite part of this day and give this couple some love! They just celebrated 6 months of marriage! Check Ryan Films SD video at the end as well, for sure a vendor I’ll always recommend!

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Recommended Vendors:

Florist  – Region Design Studio 

DJ – Preston Foreman 



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