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ZLAC Rowing Club Wedding | San Diego Wedding Photographer

April 17, 2019

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Ok! So I want to start blogging a tid differently. Rather than talking just about the occasion I photographed I want to start sharing unique things that could be of interest to you! Different ideas that worked well. Options you may otherwise not have thought you could even do!
There were three things I found very unique and important that James and Lori had throughout their day!


Lori had personalized gifts for her bridesmaids. Candids are very important to her, so I offered that if she had anything to give her people, that she do so when I’m there. This creates an opportunity for the girls to be comfortable. There’s not a random stranger there taking pictures, they are being present with their best friend whose giving them something special. Even if these aren’t the favorite images of the day, it’s the perfect warm up when being around the photographer, making them relax and realize nothing is different with me there.


The shape of the chairs at the ceremony. Their wedding was at the beach at ZLAC Rowing Club! I’d never had a client make a circle shape with the chairs before! There was room for the bridal party to walk right down the middle! It was more family style. More inclusive and more intimate. It was peaceful and natural. They didn’t get married in the middle, so no one was seeing their backs….it just worked. And my did the officiant, Kristin of Intimate Ceremonies, just fit for them. Her calmness, her peaceful manner and powerful message was just the ticket to make me tear up.


Music is in their blood. They had one of the most incredible bands live at their cocktail hour and reception. The danced to the Sax on the patio of ZLAC and just laughed. They were filled with joy and amazement at fellow talent. I’m so thankful this was something they invested in as it made moments and memories full of happy.

It was an honor to capture such an event. So much family came from out of town to celebrate true love. The decor was natural and had beauty in its simplicity. Their colors complimented the venue. Their jaws hurt from smiling so much, so much good. I hope you enjoy! Tell me, which of these three things would you have done, or would you do at your wedding?!
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Live Music: Trio Gadjo

Starry Lane Bakery

Watters, Inez gown – Dress – BHLDN


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