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San Diego Botanic Garden Wedding | San Diego Wedding Photographer

May 16, 2019

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“It’s 1:30pm, I’m pretty sure they hired a videographer, right?!” I whispered to the sister-in-law of the bride. I immediately had her call the coordinator to follow up with the Videographer and see what is going on?! They were already at least 30 minutes behind. So I realized I needed to hustle, break out my amateur video skills and capture some details and moments I knew they would, just in case. I texted my second to do the same.

Why you need a day of coordinator:

You guys. The venue coordinators are so busy. Not only are they setting up for your day and directing where vendors can set up and plug in, but they are touring the venue up until your blocked off time. They don’t have extra time and a large list of recommended vendors available at their fingertips. Your day of coordinator is there to make YOUr day happen the way you want, and to make YOU know that your feelings, needs, and enjoyment comes 10,000 first. They also have all the things. And connections. You guys! Victoria LaHood the venue Manager / Coordinator at BRICK, {friend of the bride}, immediately got on calling her people and had a videographer just in time for the ceremony!! We still captured snippets until then, but not one bit between photo and video was missed! {The Offical video is coming soon, hang tight for that pro goodness pairing all video together! Because I had to capture some video I had fun putting together my version of their day with their song. I’m not a pro, just played around! {It’s at the end!}

Why you need to hire a Professional Photographer:

Guys. I have gear. You invest in me and I in you. I have pro grade gear, and back ups. Gear that allows for video as well as photo. My second has gear and back up gear. We are ready for in case of’s! I’m contracted, I will show up. There are consequences if I don’t. We invest in one-another, despite friendship, contracts keep people accountable, they make us show up. There are a few things that survive a wedding. Maybe you can dry your bouquet, you can preserve your dress….but the memories?! The moments?! Those aren’t a guarantee unless you invest in those who invest in you. Those aren’t a guarantee unless you make it secure. Payment plans are always available. Your memories and moments are worth it.

I’m a San Diego Wedding Photographer booking for 2021 already, so if you like my work and are interested in seeing if we’re a good fit, please contact me to inquire about your date! Let me treat you to coffee!

Enjoy one of my favorite weddings! It was an absolute dream at the San Diego Botanic Garden. The toasts were some of the most kind I’ve heard. A true reflection of the couple, my sweet friends. I worked with Jordan at Anthropologie when I first moved to SD & we just laughed our time away. Her wedding wasn’t any different. Laughter, happy tears, dancing & so so much love was that day. I’m ever so happy for Chris being her person & I cannot wait to see what their future holds!

Venue – San Diego Botanic Garden 

Coordinator – Victoria LaHood 

Video SAVior – The AMAZING @honeybunchco

Florist – Friend – Molly

Hair and MUA –

Farm Tables and More


JD Musik | Daniel Camacho

Cake – Azucar

Dress – Made with Love Bridal 

Catering – MIHO 

Photo Booth – @canhamphotobooth

Lighting – @brightideaslighting 


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