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January 3, 2020

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Happy New Year, Friends!

A new decade, with a fresh slate, and new things to explore, create and experience! AHH so good. I’ve got a collection of things to share with you, that I’ve not been able to in my busiest season! I’ve got a laundry list, but here’s this dreamy intimate wedding to start the year!

I cannot stress the power of a referral!

It’s just incredible! When you like woking with me, or feel you connect with me, and refer me to your friends and family, most likely I’ll connect with you as well! This makes your day a breeze and our consults a blast! It felt effortless with Jake and Kandice from the START! So much joy, kindness and laughter with them. Their day wasn’t any different! I show up and Kandice is just as bubbly and composed as ever!

Green Gables Wedding Estate, added to all the green and white goodness. The florals were by Kandice’s incredibly talented cousin! It was her nieces birthday, so she had sweet details for her! Their dearest friends and family were beside them, this day. You could feel the unity and the support. The details were the perfect accent to what the venue offers.


Now, don’t get me wrong, as I post on social media, I am posting my favorite parts; the laughter, the sweet, the good. Just like anything in life we choose to share the joy. So just like that, on a wedding day, no wedding day is perfect. There’s always a little part that’s temporarily sticky. We have a choice to mold, adapt, move on and choose joy. This could be due to the venue, vendor, something forgotten or possibly family pickles. Whatever the situation, know it’s out of your control, laugh and put me on the task. I’ve got your back! I always believe that if it’s needed, I’m there just as much to put my camera down to help you, if no one else is, to then pick it back up! I’ve been dreaming about your wedding with you and it holds such great importance to me.


So here’s a little reminder to start the year. To know that your wedding will be amazing. (Not related to this day, just an example.) Despite the rain, forgotten veil, the vendor not translating what you asked for, the stumbling words in your vows or maybe the skipped music. Do you know why? It’s YOUR day, that you marry your person, your bestie, your forever love. That’s why. So plan, and yes, hold those dreams, but don’t let change or life happenings damper your day. Dance in the rain! You’re MARRIED!

If you need not only the photographer for you, but the friend for you who will have your back any time, I’m your girl! That’s not an empty promise! Contact me and lets set up a coffee date, my treat, or a FaceTime! Enjoy this collection of tender moments!

Venue: Green Gables Wedding Estate , Hair and MUA: Lulu and Bass, DJ: Bryan Thrane of Pacific Entertainment , Dress: BHLDN, Tux: Friar Tux

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