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For my Helpers! | San Diego Photographer

April 3, 2020

Sweet Friends! I had such a kind response to this video I shared last week regarding my business in this season of unknown! Since several of us have kids and just generally don’t like to listen to videos with sound on, I thought I would just summarize what I shared!

In my video I share ways you can help my business stay afloat, without spending a penny, and how you can contribute in exchange of services, if you’re in the helping way! I know there are those right now looking to help, but aren’t sure how, so I’ll share a few ways you can!

Five ways to help my business stay afloat in this uncertain time!

  1. If you’ve worked with me before and loved your experience, a 5 star review is one of the most incredible things you can do for me! We’re gifted with some time right now, and you can review from your couch, without spending a dime! In this time I’m asking you to go the extra mile by copying and pasting your one review to Google Reviews, Facebook, and Yelp for my families, and to The Knot, Google Reviews, Facebook and Wedding Wire for my Weddings!
  2. Again, if I’ve captured your milestones at some point, share those photos, and tag me to where my business links up! You don’t have to say anything about me! Just simply tagging me in your insta-stories, in a post, or in a Facebook Album gives me the opportunity to work with one of your friends and family members, bringing me one or multiple future jobs! It’s the simplest of tasks, but does a world of good for my business!
  3. If it’s within your means, buying a gift card for a loved one for a future session is incredibly helpful right now! You can purchase one for 30 minutes, an hour and an hour and a half! You may purchase multiples as well! Please contact me if you’re able to do this!
  4. If you know you’re going to have a session in the Fall or Winter, I so appreciate if you book your date, just like you would normally! If you’re able to pay the retainer, or 1/4, or want to divide it smaller, or if you’re able to pay for the whole session in advance, this helps us so very much. It’s contract protected so there’s no weirdness there.
  5. If you had a session with me, I’m going to do a new post about this, but I’m clearing out my online galleries! If you want any professional prints, an album or canvases, I’m offering 30% off right now! So let me know if you’d like to get that going when we have this time on our hands!

That’s it for now! Such simple ways to help that are free, or in exchange of services contract secured! I’m the only one providing for our family at this time, so if you see my business as essential, like I do, I so appreciate your support if it’s within your means, and you see the same value in my work!

I’m SO thankful for you all, for your love and support! What a gift it’s been to be able to do what I love for 6 years. I’m not about to give up now! We’re in this together! Loves, sweet friends! Have a listen to the video if you’re able, it’s much more a candid conversation between us!

To my Helpers in this unknown time! So thankful for your support and business!

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