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Scheduling During Lock Down in San Diego | Hotel Del Family Session

April 21, 2020

Hi Friends!

It’s been a while! Trying to navigate this unknown day to day is quite the challenge, but I’m here, and despite my deemed “un-essential” title, I’m preparing for a CRAZY Summer-Winter!

Do I schedule a shoot with the stay at home order in place?!

YES! I’m reaching out to all my March – April Clients and will be re-scheduling their session dates. Weddings have already been postponed, taking up previous open dates. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for those normally booking just a few weeks to months in advance for fall captures! So, if you have the means to put down any kind of retainer for your Mini-Hour and a Half Session, I’d do so, securing your date now, and we can postpone later!

What if this is still going on when my Session is supposed to happen?!

It’s out of our control, so we will absolutely reschedule, especially if I’m still not allowed to work, and If we’re still under orders to stay home. However, if the orders are lifted, and life resumes, you’ll not miss out on a date with me!

What if I have a session booked with you already that we’ll need to reschedule!?

Just reach out, If you haven’t heard from me yet! The sooner you know you’ll need to postpone, the sooner you’ll get a date you’ll want. I’m humbly asking if you have the means to pay your remainder the day of the original scheduled session, it’s SO appreciated, as it was counted on before all this. If not, that’s ok too! We’re all in this together, and we will get through!

I’ve heard of front porch sessions, they sound kinda cute?!

There’s a lot of hot and cold about this topic surrounding the front porch social distanced sessions. I’m not doing them, as I’ve heard others get fined $1000 for doing so. It’s not essential and it’s not worth the risk. If you’re able to afford a retainer for a future session, and you’re wanting to support my business in this time, pre-paying for a session that we can schedule post, is SUCH a blessing! I’m not any better than anyone else, and I’m waiting this out like the rest of you! Photos are essential, but not at the expense of my clients and my family’s health.

I don’t need a session this Fall, but I have family in San Diego and I’d love to buy them a gift card, do you offer them?!

YES! I’m offering Gift Cards! It can be for the amount of the timed session you’d like to gift, or it can be a partial amount if you want to split it with them! It’s a wonderful gesture, and it supports me especially when my business is at a current halt!

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