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Newborn Sessions during Covid

September 1, 2020

Are you doing Newborn Sessions during covid?

The short answer is yes! If you’re comfortable, I’m absolutely photographing newborn sessions. 

What precautions are you taking?! 

I’m doing newborn sessions in the early am. They are happening at a location with easy parking, bathroom access, and with your blankets and outfits. I can give you tips, regarding, but I think I should be prop-less for a while. I have been doing them when baby is about 3 weeks! This is not too late. Baby is still sleepy but it gives you time to be home after the hospital. It also gives you time to have a routine, feeding and otherwise. Lastly it gives Mom a chance to loose some of the inflammation from the drugs during and surrounding birth.

We only want them in our home, can you still do that? 

Yes, I can, but it does make me slightly nervous right now, as cases are high. That baby is precious cargo. I will still be wearing a mask and won’t be touching anyone, so you’ll be following my guidance. 

Is it even worth it?! Why do I bother? 

Oh sweet parents, don’t be discouraged. Yes it’s harder, it’s weird, and uncertain. However, I have you. Your baby is only this little, once. Also, your loved ones may not be able to see this season. You’ll also want to be in the photos with your newborn. Make it a priority, so you can share the images with them. 

Money is tight right now but I love your work, and you’re recommended, what are your payment options? 

Due to newborn sessions being two hours, they are more than a mini session. However that time is necessary. Contact me and I can break that down further. I always offer payment plans, if you need more than two payments, please don’t be bashful! You deserve timeless images of your precious one with your family! 

Contact me to book your newborn session! No question is silly, especially during this uncertain time! Here’s just a sneak at one of my in-home sessions at the beginning of quarantine, where the family wanted me to come to them, with no fear. I wore a mask and had no contact.

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