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What are Sessions looking like right now?!

September 1, 2020

Oh hi, Friends! We are now having sessions, in the midst of a pandemic.

What are Sessions looking like right now?!

They aren’t much different! Some locations are more crowded than normal, so there has to be some pivoting there. You will be bringing masks just to have, in case, but you don’t wear them for the photos! 

The biggest change is I’ll be wearing a mask for the entire exchange, and won’t be touching anyone as well as maintaining social distance. 

So you’re wearing a mask the whole time, how is that effecting the sessions?! 

First, I’m having to work my voice twice as hard to communicate. Especially if its windy or in a busy location. I’m communicating so much more as I can’t just swipe your baby hairs for you. 

Having my mouth covered is a little confusing for littles so I have to be extra silly and joyful with my actions. If need be, I back up extra, lower my mask, and show the littles my smile paired with my happy voice. This may lead to more lifestyle than posed, as littles may not connect as well. This means I need the parents to step up on the goofy fun too! 

We are really ok if you don’t wear a mask! 

Thank you, but I really need to wear one. It’s the only action I can take to protect my family, as I need to work. I’m sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable! Please just know it’s what calms my conscious, just in case! 

Will you tell us if you’re sick? 

Growing up with a Dad with cancer, I was raised to be very aware, and considerate regarding illness. If I don’t feel well, I will 100% be notifying you, giving you the option to postpone. If it seems more concerning I’ll absolutely postpone. 

I also check in with each client a few hours prior the session, to make sure everyone is well. I pray everyone extends the same courtesy, and doesn’t go through with a shoot due to convenience, regardless of feeling crummy. 

I also would appreciate if you notify me if you test positive for covid within 30 days of our interaction, so I may get tested immediately. 

What if we’re visiting and you have Covid? 

I have a community of associates who can cover if you don’t live in SD, and we can’t postpone! So I’ve got you!! They shoot like me, and I edit! There won’t be any discounts as their talent is equal, you’ll still get the KBP experience! 

It’s all weird, but don’t let those milestones pass you by! I’m so Thankful you’re still booking sessions, it’s putting food on our table! 🙌🏻 I’m happy to accommodate anyone as best I can, considering everyone’s fears or desires! 👏🏼 Please let me know any questions and let’s get you on the calendar! Contact me before I book up for Fall & Winter! 

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