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GUYS! My new site is LIVE and BEAUTiful thanks to the AMAZing Irina of Ink and Vine! I can’t say enough good about her, but that’s for another post to come! As we are celebrating the launch of my website, I have a GIVEAWAY going until Tuesday, February 26! There are such EASY way’s to […]

There’s something about leaving a home when you’ve experienced loss within it. This place. This little 400 plus square foot apartment has become such a safe haven. A place where I hold my most intimate moments. A place where I’ve become more introverted than I ever thought possible. A place where I’ve found comfort and […]

My friend got pregnant one month after being off birth control. This doctors amazing, so many people have gotten pregnant after seeing him. The moment I started the whole 30 I got pregnant. Maca root I swear was the reason I got pregnant. I just look at my husband and I get pregnant. Ivf worked […]