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Balboa Park Engagement | Garrett & Ashli

August 10, 2018

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“I’m awkward in front of the camera.” 

“I’m going to need help and direction.” 

“Help, what should I wear?!” 

“We hate photos, so we’re going to need help!” 

HIII GUYS! I’m Katherine, and I am HERE for you 🙂 I get this from about 90% of my clients and I am SOO happy to say it’s my speciality to work with those who are less comfortable in front of the camera. I’ve also worked in retail as a stylist, so even though my style is less than fashionable I’m able to assist when you’re totally at a loss of what to wear for your special occasion! Doing this for 15 years plus, I’m very aware at the need of verbal direction, so I guide you every step of the way. The lifestyle poses are set up to then become natural, if that makes sense! Garrett and Ashli were some of those that said they aren’t the most natural in front of the camera but GUYS!!! LOOK at them! They are SO beautiful and I think they look so visibly in love. If there are every any questions or hesitations, I think it’s so important to talk to your potential Wedding Photographer on the phone to see if you connect. Ask about experience. Ask what you’re really unsure of, and they should be happy to answer or it will be a good indication to find someone else. I’m already booking for 2019, so contact me if you’re still on the hunt for a Wedding Photographer! I’d love to work with you if we seem like we’re a good fit! 

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