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Change Starts Now

June 10, 2020

Change starts now. 

I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry I haven’t done my part in showing more diversity in my feed, on my website or otherwise. I haven’t been actively talking to my toddler about color and the beauty in different.  I’ve not watched documentaries or read books to educate myself on the reality that is today and always, nor have I donated to causes that support Black lives. 

It’s been quiet on my social media. I’ve only been re-sharing on my stories and trying to amplify Black voices and this important movement, posting resources and content that’s making a difference. The things that need to be different, yesterday. I’m listening, and learning so very much and I’m sorry that I have to be teaching myself, at 33 years, about what has been going on for 400 years. 

I’m giving myself grace because my heart has never seen Black or any other color as less than, however I’m learning it’s so much more than just having good intentions. It’s about action. I’ve been digging deep. Trying to find ways I’ve unintentionally profiled. I’ve been trying to remember conversations between friends, clients and otherwise, and even if I’ve even had the real conversation of race.

Change starts now. Below is what I commit to changing in business and in the home going forward. Even though I will never truly understand, I do stand, in the fight for equality and justice.

My Commitment.

I commit to show more diversity in my feed, on my website and otherwise. I will educate my toddler about color and the beauty in different. I’m going to watch documentaries and read books to educate myself and my child on Black history, and white supremacy, gaining knowledge that will enable us to have the conversations, and grow in kindness and equality. I plan to donate to a specific cause when we have the means, that supports Black lives, and find other ways to donate time that gives back to the community. I will never photograph weddings on Plantations, regardless of the aesthetic. I’m going to ask more questions, listen more and come to Jesus for right and wrong. 

I commit to say “I Love You”, more, to strangers. A future Bride of mine, said it to me at our consultation, and I was shocked and warmed. We are all children of God, all created with and in love, and we all need to hear it more, if even from a stranger.

I can only apologize for yesterday, with no excuses. I am choosing to do more, today, and moving forward. This is my heart.

All my love, and my tears, 


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  1. Elizabeth Adelstein says:

    I love your heart! God made all the colors and they are all beautiful in His sight and should be in our eyes too. Mankind is sinful, , all colors are, as scripture says,” the heart is deceitfully wicked above all things who can know it” it’s our reminder how desperately we all need a Savior. We’ve all missed the mark, God calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves and if we all did embrace that what a difference! I love your thoughts and what you desire to teach and learn. I’m sending a sermon that I listened to that is amazing and helpful in this time we find ourselves. He explains so many things!! Worthy of the time! It’s good that you’ve taken time to think through and be wise about your words. I think especially now, it’s important to see through Gods lenses, and not the worlds. Some definitely worth being a champion for, but remembering that satan is alive and well and is working as well in this time to destroy and cause division and hate and anger. You are wise❤️ I love you😘

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