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Sensitive post regarding Child Loss. The second brave Mommy to share her story with the world, with hopes it will be a comfort to those going through the same thing. It’s been hard for me to actually put this up and share it, not due to fear, but the reality that is this post. It’s […]

There’s something about leaving a home when you’ve experienced loss within it. This place. This little 400 plus square foot apartment has become such a safe haven. A place where I hold my most intimate moments. A place where I’ve become more introverted than I ever thought possible. A place where I’ve found comfort and […]

My friend got pregnant one month after being off birth control. This doctors amazing, so many people have gotten pregnant after seeing him. The moment I started the whole 30 I got pregnant. Maca root I swear was the reason I got pregnant. I just look at my husband and I get pregnant. Ivf worked […]