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Coronado Military Homecoming | San Diego Photographer

December 23, 2019

It’s the time of year when you’re so aware of what you’re thankful for, your blessings, gifts, and what brings you JOY. Several of us don’t have to think twice about the family we will have with us, the consistent traditions we get to experience and the activities that truly make the season Christmas.

We don’t often realize how many are spending the holidays without their people. I’m so aware of those who are doing life as their person serves our Country, giving us freedom.

There is no consistency in tradition. There is no guarantee of when their person will be home and where they will be. Mothers, or Fathers, are having to raise their babes, and celebrate milestones in solitude, however doing so with absolute strength and pride. I’m so in awe of my sweet friends. I have many of them who wait. They wait, and they don’t complain about all the things they miss out on, or what they have to shift due to the military life.

This Is a throwback to Dan’s Coronado Military Homecoming, which is so far back but it’s a favorite, so I wanted to share. He got to see Dubs walk for the first time, this homecoming. It was an honor to witness.

This Christmas I’m trying to refocus, build strength, find joy in the mundane as I’m so very privileged and have much to be thankful for. As I think of the many who will be doing Christmas as singles, while their love is away, it gives me great pride to be an American, and great pride in my sweet friends in what I’ve learned from them.

Contact me about capturing your Military Homecoming! I will walk you through the process and am happy to mold with the unknown!

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